Plough, Dulwich Thu, Sep 13 2018 20:00

"Salted Caramel Sea Captains" Sail to Victory

Peter C

This week at The Plough was defined by low scores and one really high one.

At most of the quizzes I do, I make some effort to ramp up the tension when reading out the scores. Usually, it’s a matter of 2 or 3 points that separates the very best. This week, however, there was a whopping 11-point gap between the "Salted Caramel Sea Captains" and their nearest challengers "Don’t Forget to Check for Lumps" (who are admittedly purveyors of excellent advice). That was almost as much as the 13-point gap between second and the rest of the field! I take my hat off to The Plough newcomers...

Elsewhere, the Play Your Cards Right jackpot went unwon (despite the application of basic mathematics - always goes with your heart, folks), meaning it’ll be whopping £20 next time round!! Ok, so someone won big last week, but it’s still not bad for an evening’s ‘work’ at the pub.

Until then, it’s goodbye from me!

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