Plough, Dulwich Thu, Oct 05 2017 20:30

Witch's Spell Fails To Work

Richard L

Not many mixed teams at The Plough tonight. Most teams were either all male or all female and I can't suggest a reason!
Anyway, 9 teams did battle with 'Not Ready Already' winning by one point with a score of 37.
When the jackpot was announced all teams once more put brains into gear and each team discussed and then suggested the number of airline sick bags a Dutch collector had in his possession. The lowest suggested number was 248 whilst the most creative was 747 (get it?), but 'The Three Witches' came closest with a guess of 5,500.
Sadly the magic for this team didn't last and the chosen team representative only managed to turn the 5 of clubs.
£80 in the jackpot next week and it could be yours! Why not join the teams at The Plough next Thursday and see if your luck is in?

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