Pocket Watch Sun, May 13 2018 19:30

Quiz Controversy

James B

This week was the most controversial quiz in history at The Pocket Watch as John who runs the pub stepped into the fray with several "expert" locals joining him as an unstoppable team.
The night ended with John's team not only winning the quiz (£30 jackpot) but also the free drink and the jackpot game.
The Jackpot Game has not been won since we started the quiz and £100 was up for grabs. Naturally, John delegated to another one of his teammates who stepped up to have a shot at Play Your Cards Right with 8 cards. No one has got past card 4 in the past. Tonight, however, she stormed through it (with a few shaky points) and walked away with the £100 cash prize.
All the other teams are now furiously working on conspiracy theories as to how John has won it but that does mean the jackpot has been reset next week back to £30 so join us then!

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