Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Apr 08 2018 19:00

An Evening For The History Books At The Prince Albert

Celia L

Well it was a quiet night at The Prince Albert but THE MOST exciting and eventful quiz to date! It’s not about the quantity of players but the quality of those involved for sure!

A cosy quiz by the fire with our four teams, started fairly normally (apart from the tears shed when I split up the now 9 members of Herman’s Germans - they just keep bringing more friends!!) so yes I broke up the winning team this week to boost the competition and that rivalry set the game alight!

The dark horses of the quiz were our family team in the corner - The Pretzels who drew toe to toe all the way along the quiz with Sunday’s Warriors. I think their secret weapon was their 12 year old daughter on the team who is a font of general knowledge and the star player of the quiz in my eyes!

At the end of the quiz The Pretzels and The Sunday Warriors BOTH came in with 39 points each and when it came to the tiebreaker the Pretzels just managed to steal first place from what we are calling “the brainier half of the team formerly known as Herman’s Germans”. Congratulations to The Pretzels on their first of what I hope are many wins at The Prince Albert!!

Now, a date for the history books: THE FIRST JACKPOT PRIZE HAS BEEN WON AT THE PRINCE ALBERT!!! That’s right - a sum of OVER £400 was handed over to our regular, Max who successfully managed to guess all 8 cards in our game of “higher or lower” CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. IT?!?! I mean, what an evening to remember indeed. I asked Max what he might spend his new winnings on and he said either a Ukelele or his girlfriend’s birthday is coming up... I think his girlfriend might be getting quite the birthday present this year! I look forward to hearing all about it.

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