Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, May 06 2018 19:00

Bank HoliYAY Quizzing Time

Celia L

A night of a couple of firsts this evening: firstly we had 3 teams tied for first place!!!! It all came down to the name though as I love to add an additional point in the mix for the best, most creative team name that our glamorous bar staff are judges to. So between 'Sushi Cat Strikes Again', 'Prosecco Is My Middle Name' and 'Sunday warriors', our bar team at The Prince Albert decided that “Sushi cat strikes again” was the deserving winner!! A bizarre combination of words but hey, if it wins you a £50 bar tab!!

And commiserations to “3s a crowd” who entered our winner’s circle, they got 7 cards right in our jackpot prize game but they got to the 7th card- she was a queen, they used their power and knowledge of statistics and did what any of us would do and guessed “lower” for their 8th and final card... would you believe it was a KING?!! Tough luck guys, but that means we are into the £100s now in our jackpot winnings.

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Prosseco is My Middle Name
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