Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Feb 11 2018 19:00

Bingo Wings Bumped Herman’s Germans

Celia L

Our reigning champions from last week were overthrown by newcomers, the three ladies of 'Bingo Wings'! But it was as close as calls can get... Both teams came in after round one with tied scores of 19 and maintained the tie, neck and neck, through to the end of round 2, both with 33 points so it came to the tiebreaker... 'Herman’s Germans' were close, but 'Bingo Wings' hit the nail on the head and got the answer straight away. Tough luck 'Herman’s Germans', but I am getting to know you now and know you’ll be back next week to regain your first place position! Perhaps a rematch is in order, 'Bingo Wings'? Let’s find out next Sunday..!

And congratulations and commendations to my solo player from “Gardening By Day” who set out to win and enjoy a bottle of wine to himself and pitched it just right to secure himself that Second-to-Last position! I sincerely hope you shared it with someone! But if not, I am sure you had a GREAT night. :)

As usual, lots of fun and laughs tonight at The Prince Albert, especially at this week’s anagram - TAMPON ALIEN ART! Oh the wonderful things I am allowed to say in my job!! Come along next week for another corker!!

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