Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Jul 29 2018 19:00

Celi-ya Next Sunday!

Celia L

At last, the World Cup and Wimbledon are over and we have restored order in Battersea once more with our weekly Quiz at The Prince Albert. A few regulars back and some new faces to our quiz and always a joy and pleasure to host.

The team formerly known as “Hermans Germans/ The Sunday Warriors” have come up top trumps once more especially with their punny new name “Celia Later” both using my name in a humorous manner and massaging my ego - so needless to say they won best team name of the evening but they didn’t even need the extra points as they absolutely obliterated tonight’s Quiz. I don’t know how they keep doing it!! Total Quizzards.

Congrats to a new team “Welsh Hillbilly’s” who came in second to last place but unfortunately had to leave before the score was announced and missed out on the wine!!! So lucky for “It’s Coming Home” they won the wine instead!

Team "Norfolk & Chance" had the chance at winning the cash jackpot tonight but fell at the third card - I mean who would think you’d get a 2 after a 3!!! Bad luck guys - but that means more money to be won next week.

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