Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Jan 07 2018 19:00

Gin’ll Fix It For You

Celia L

New Pub, New Pub Quizmistress and what a way to kick off the New Year at our new venue- The Prince Albert in Battersea!!

Well, if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt tonight, it’s that Battersea is where the banter is: Team Name Game super strong from the start from all who participated - many laughs from the word “go” and I’m already excited to see what other puns people bring to the table in weeks to come...

Well Done to my two cheeky chaps Jamie and Nick from 'The Team Name That Shall Not Be Mentioned Due To The Amount Of Swear Words In It', who smashed it coming second
-to-last and winning themselves a bottle of wine to share between them. Strong banter and boyish charm, not enough to win, but enough to enjoy that wine. Everyone’s a winner in this quiz.

But a glorious congratulations to Team 'Gin’ll Fix It' who are our first champions at The Prince Albert - I do hope you’ll come back to see if you can uphold your reign as Quizmasters. Already we have fighting words from 'Team Quiztal Meth Lab' who want another shot to knock them off the top of the leader board. Let’s see where this rivalry goes!

If that wasn’t bad enough that 'team Gin' won, they THEN got the closest answer to my question to enter the golden circle and play “Higher Or Lower” for the chance to win £50 cash in our jackpot! Needless to say they were not popular with the rest of the room... but their luck ran out at the last moment and they just missed out on that prize, however they were very happy indeed with their £50 bar tab and baked Camembert. Happy days all round, especially as it means the jackpot has increased to £78 for next week’s jackpot rollover round!

Strong start to Quizzing at The Prince Albert - bring on round two: rematch DING DING DING!

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