Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Feb 18 2018 19:00

Happy Wine-se New Year

Celia L

This weekend welcomes the year of the Dog in Chinese New Year, and we had two pampered pooches in tonight, the team mascots of "Team K9" - Chief and the other little pup who’s name I unfortunately can’t remember now so let’s call him Greg. But tonight, we had a fair few teams not aiming for first place, oh no, they were in it for the second-to-last place wine!!! But teams “And in Last Place”, “Team K9” and “The Peaky Blinders” all after round one we’re trying to pitch it just right to hit the sweet spot for the bottle of vino, and luckily "Peaky Blinders" managed to aim just right, securing a score of 25 to come in just behind "Team K9", as our solo player from “impromptu” was only with us for the first round while he was waiting for his Dad! No better way to pass the time eh! So well done to "The Peaky Blinders" and I hope you enjoyed your wine and your stay in London before heading back up north. Not too bad for a one night stay in London eh?!

A warm welcome back to Henry and Theo from “The Nutters” who have been before - was lovely to have you again playing and hope to see you back more and hopefully with a win next time - come on boys!!

And of course congratulations to team “The Joeys” - honouring the loveable Joey Tribianni in “Friends” with their name - a character close to my heart and high in my affections, being a young actress myself! Well done to you with your storming score of 40! Jheeez Louise! They’re gonna be a hard one to beat!

A Stonking Sunday night quiz once more at The Prince Albert. Passion in answering like I’ve never seen before from the Bar Staff tonight - so highly entertaining and I expect that energy and enthusiasm every single week now! The bar (literally) has been set! What a week indeed. I need a nap!

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