Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Feb 04 2018 19:00

Herman’s Germans Fight Back

Celia L

It seems to be true that ‘practice does indeed make perfect’, as proven tonight by our regular team, Herman’s Germans, who have been determined to work their way up the leaderboard since this quiz began by becoming reliable regulars at our Sunday night spot at The Prince Albert. And what a to start the first quiz of February than bagging themselves first place with 36 points and a £50 bar tab! See, Quizzing is a technique and an art in itself and it seems this team is acquiring “ze knack”! Let’s hope they haven’t got complacent now they’ve won... getting to know them now as I have done, I reckon they’re the kind of people that now they have the taste of the win they’ll keep coming to uphold their reign and title as champions! So who’s going to come and beat the Germans? (“Do not mention ze war...”! ...too soon?) terrible joke but kudos to anyone getting the “Faulty Towers” reference - let’s hope that’s in a future question!

And a round of applause, bottle of wine and pat on the back to 'Aussi Gherkins' - an Australian and a Pole as they kept reminding me so I felt it important to include it in this post - taking on the rest of the world (the pub) and triumphing in second to last place, winning themselves that sweet sweet bottle of wine. Hope those heads aren’t too sore tomorrow morning!!

Alas, our representatives from another of our regular teams, 'Flattersea', didn’t manage to win the jackpot this week, meaning there’s £171.00 next week up for grabs. It’s all to play for once more - who will take on the Germans, the Poles, the Aussies and the south West Londoners??! This is gripping stuff every night at The Prince Albert and I’m really enjoying this rivalry beginning between these two teams... stay tuned to see who will win next week!

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