Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Jan 21 2018 19:00

Let’s Hear It For The Home Team

Celia L

Well it seems as though the rain and snow kept people at home today - but of course, to paraphrase the late Freddie Mercury: The Quiz must go on!! After all: it’s not about the quantity of people but the quality - right?!

And we had 4 teams in tonight; 12 lovely punters in total at The Prince Albert for a somewhat calm and casual Pub Quiz by the fire.(Literally) Dreamy Sunday vibes indeed. A very different feel to the 'High-Octane Quizzical Madness' we’ve had the last two weeks! I quite enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere - grab a couple of blankets and let’s do the same next week!

But relaxed in atmosphere did not detract from the seriousness of focus when it came to the Quiz:

After the first round we had Team “Quiz- A- Lot” in first place, who then were rumbled by the second round, but still came overall in 3rd place, winning themselves a bottle of “not-quite-last-place wine”!

Returning local players from the last two weeks, “Herman’s Germans”, were in their element with the first question about Sauerkraut - but didn’t quite clinch first place, coming in second overall— no silver medals yet but they are determined to come back week by week until they are crowned champions! They are also pretty excited by that jackpot rollover which has now gone up to a stunning £130!!!

But our winners this evening were the lovely, bubbly Home Team, the ones who come and support week after week after their shifts - the infectiously enthusiastic Staff of The Prince Albert! A massive well done to you and let’s see if you can uphold your reign going into next week.
Casing proof that it’s anybody’s game! The leaders after round one do not determine the final scores... everyone loves an underdog, right?

Well there you have it, a suitably cosy Sunday night intimate pub quiz tonight... I could get used to that ambience once in a while - but here’s hoping next week is another lively one! Come down to The Prince Albert and see if you’ve got what it takes to dethrone the Home Team.

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