Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Aug 26 2018 19:00

Light Showers Mean Heavy Quizzing

Celia L

Well, it seems the wet weather has brought the quizzing throng back to Battersea tonight!! If that’s the winning weather for Quizzing I’m happy for Summer to be over and the rainy season to begin!!

6 teams tonight, but it was “8 Mates (-1)” who took the lead throughout, absolutely trouncing all competition with an almost perfect score of 41!!!

Congrats to our in-house team “Spring Rollers” who came Second-to-last this evening and were VERY happy with their wine-based winnings. Cheers to the home team!!

Let’s hope this room keeps coming back over the coming weeks as we roll into autumn and winter.

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Top Teams
8 Mate’s (-1)
One Brain & The Beauties
Jess Russell
Spring Rollers
Number Juan