Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Jan 28 2018 19:00

QUISIS Strikes

Celia L

Well with the better weather brought with it a better turn out at this evening’s quiz in Battersea that’s for sure! Seven teams in total tonight competing, and a great example of how a strong start doesn’t always guarantee a strong finish... Complacency and alcohol make a terrible combination at the end of round one — oh how the mighty are fallen!!!

I refer to the front runners who got a little too big for their boots - 'Fred & Rose’s Patio Services' steamed ahead at half time, and it seems maybe the celebrations and birthday tipples knocked them off first place, allowing the underdogs of 'Quisis' - my lovely humble and hardworking team by the fireplace - to clinch the title of first place right when it counted! Everyone loves an underdog though - seems our previous leaders had all the bark but not enough bite to win overall. Better luck next time!! But a massive well done to 'Quisis' on their first Pub Quiz win. Very well played indeed.

The Team from Triumphants were the ones to step into the winner’s circle for the chance to win the cash jackpot - they were doing oh so well with only 2 cards left to be turned over and ooooh no unlucky stuff they guessed higher and the following card wasn’t only a measly point lower. Really unlucky! But that does mean next week’s jackpot is £155.00.... seems we’re getting closer very week - 6 cards were turned this week... will it be 7 or 8 next week? Who knows but here’s looking forward to finding out!!

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