Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Mar 04 2018 19:00

Quite Frankly More Entertaining Than The Oscars...

Celia L

Not quite a night at the Oscars, but there were many similarities I suppose: there were the highs and cheers at difficult questions answered miraculously correctly... There were bitter lows of losses- people feeling robbed of their chance for that first place position and £50 bar tab and second-to-last place wine. But I think the tragic loss of the night - much like Leonardo Di Caprio every year in the “best actor category” until he finally succeeded in obtaining his academy award for “The Revenant” - goes out to our chap who lost out to our weekly game of chance of “higher or lower”. £237 to play for and he stumbled and fell at the second card. Better luck next week mate! Think of Leo and persevere until you succeed!!

A glorious game tonight - 39 Pub Quiz Punters in The Prince Albert - a whopping 12 teams all competing and sky high scores tonight to match. It was close - only a point between first and second place: it was between a previous champion and regular team “Herman’s Germans” and newcomers of team “Ian”. But Ian managed to juuust clinch first place and trounce our previous champs. But they’ll get back up and back in the ring for a rematch next week - I know these guys now. They will keep fighting for that first place again! :)

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