Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Mar 18 2018 19:00

Second Time’s a Charm for Herman’s Germans

Celia L

'Herman’s Germans' stepped up to the plate again tonight with their eyes on the £50 prize, but who was going to compete with them in an attempt to knock them off the top spot? The Team is formerly known as 'Spaniel Nation Army', now 'The Batterseagulls', came back from last week thinking they could trump the reigning champions. However, their ambition only managed to secure them 4th place tonight. With Batterseagulls fallen by the wayside, a new team had to rise to the challenge and that was 'Fun & Frolics'.

They were neck and neck, toe to toe all the way along, point for point, drawing at the end of round one but at the final hurdle, 'Herman’s Germans' JUST managed to tip over with a bonus point and secure themselves a score of 40 - just ONE POINT in front of 'Fun & Frolics'. Now THAT is CLOSE.

The second week in a row - these guys are nailing it. They certainly have the knack now, but I guess that’s the kind of score you get when you become regular Quizzard right from when we started this Quiz at The Prince Albert! Just saying guys - consistency creates champions!!! Well done guys. A pleasure as always - can we make it a hat trick and get the trifecta with a win next week?

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