Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Oct 07 2018 19:00

September Is Octover

Celia L

16 roast dinners, 4 bottles of wine, 3 teams and 2 hours on a Sunday evening means it’s Quiz time at The Prince Albert!

3 full teams competing tonight for our prizes and in the end it was our regulars, “Kyle and His Discuses” who won once again after suffering a defeat last week. This was followed by a tie between our two remaining teams: "Quizlamic State" and "Stephen Hawking’s Football Boots", so it came down to a new tiebreaker method voted by the room - Highest card wins!

Absolute rotten luck that “Stephen Hawking’s Football Boots” lost out in our game of higher or lower AND the bottle of wine by drawing an Ace (which I count as the lowest card in the deck), whilst “Quizlamic State” pulled a king!!

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