Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Sep 16 2018 19:00

The Chest Heir to the Quizzing Throne Returns

Celia L

Returning resident champions, previously Sunday warriors / "Herman’s Germans" have come back from holiday and brought with their summer tans a new guise - “Chest Hair, Don’t Care” - ready to regain their reign over The Sunday Night Prince Albert Quiz!

We had close competition with a new team - a Dynamic Duo Of Will & Paddy “Dumb & Dumber” - clearly not so dumb!! They were only 2 points behind and gave the foursome of “Chest Hair, Don’t Care” a run for their money. I have been reassured that next week they shall be returning with reinforcements ready to knock them off their high horse!! Huzzah!!

Congrats to newcomers “Platypus Pups” who were VERY happy with their second-to-last place wine.

Commiserations to “The Oldies & The Young Ones” who stepped into the winner’s circle tonight and got 7 cards correct in a row yet got a double on the 8th and lost out on the chance of tonight’s cash!!! What rotten luck, but that means we’re getting closer to £250 oooooh! How high will this jackpot go before it is won?!?

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