Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Jan 14 2018 19:00

We Only Came Here For Lunch

Celia L

Second Quiz of the year and another Sunday success at The Prince Albert with a sensational 40 players in the room this evening!! Bloody Brilliant energy in Battersea on aSunday night with this weekly quiz already! Such a pleasure to have such playful people on board at this new venue!!

Big congratulations to the 'Wise Quiz Peas' with a cracking score of 44, who spent their winnings so rightly on a celebratory bottle of champagne and commiserations and birthday celebrations are due to “We Only Came for Lunch” for coming second to last, getting absolutely trolled inhaling that bottle of wine pretty much as soon as the result was announced. The Birthday girl from this team also went onto compete in our jackpot rollover game of “Higher or Lower” but unfortunately fell at the second card - who would think a king could possibly come after a turned over Queen! Why are the chances!!! Oh well, but that does mean that next week’s winnings are now a whopping £118.00 (pantomime crowd “ooooooo” sounds) oh it’s all to play for at The Prince Albert. Another fun-filled evening and here’s looking forward to more in the weeks to come at this lovely and lively venue.

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