Prince Albert, Battersea Sun, Jun 03 2018 19:00

You Just Got Pitch Slapped

Celia L

A few members of a team from a few weeks ago have come back with recruits to create our winning team for this week “Pitch Slappers”- a very strong game played and deserving winners indeed. A pleasure to have you back full force with hopefully now your regular quizzing throng.

Congratulations to our team who came Second overall and gained entry to the winner’s circle at a chance to win our cash jackpot - however the odds totally were out of their favour when they guessed higher than a two and the next card was only an ace (which I class as the lowest card in the deck) bad luck this time but very well played. Next time!! On the plus side, the jackpot is even higher and you were so close this time!!

And another mention goes to 'The Passerby’s', who merely stopped by for a drink or two, ended up getting hauled into the quiz and winning a bottle of wine for the way home!! Woohoo!!

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