Prince of Wales Putney Sun, Jun 17 2018 19:00

Toms are undefeatable...or are they?

Alex D

In a tense world cup filled quiz, one of the nicest teams ever, the three wise toms, won again. They are really nice. I mean totally nice. I don't know a nicer team. So nice. And clever as they won. Did I mention that they are really nice? Because they are. Nice nice nice.
In second place, ladies pay attention are two single lads. Young, sexy, interesting and clever. Clever because the came ( ooh er) second - always an attractive trait.
They may not be as nice as the Toms but sometimes a bit of naughty is good.
So as Beyonce says - all the single ladies....? that what she says? Is it in fact Beyonce? Who knows.
'The three wise toms' are really nice.

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