Prince Regent Tue, Apr 10 2018 20:00

Big Dog for a Big Night

Peter C

I was excited enough to be doing my first ever pub quiz at the renowned Prince Regent in Herne Hill.

But nothing could prepare for the entrance of the biggest dog anyone in the pub had ever seen. Naturally a 5-minute hiatus to gawp at said dog was in order (pictures not provided I’m afraid), before normal quizzing service was resumed.

Congratulations must go to the ‘Five Aphids’ (presumably named after the aphid-related question) who stormed home with a very respectable 36.5/44.

A special mention goes to Millie who fought valiantly for the higher or lower rollover jackpot, but fell short in the end. This does mean, however, that the prize fund will be a mighty £168 next week! Come down and try your luck!

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