Prince Regent Tue, Dec 08 2015 20:00

Mass Protest At The Answer For Question Number 1!

George C

I love it when everyone thinks they're right but are most certainly wrong! At this quiz question number one is created by the staff. You have to look carefully at a drawing on the blackboard and guess the name if the movie it depicts. This week it was 'Carol'; which is a totally different movie to 'A Christmas Carol'. Almost everyone thought it was 'A Christmas Carol' but was in fact just 'Carol'. There was mass protest from every team bar two who got it right. I always give them the benefit if the doubt if applicable but here it wasn't. So, the answer stayed as 'Carol' and there were collective groans everywhere. It was all good natured but it was also highly amusing listening to many team captain's explanation as to why the answer should have been 'A Christmas Carol'! :-D

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