Prince Regent Tue, Sep 29 2015 20:00

The Jackpot Goes Again!

George C

In recent months, in fact the last three, we've had three jackpot winners and they've won amounts just under £100. Last night I was certain we wouldn't see another winner for a while. However, there's always one who takes you by surprise and this man had come all the way from Shepherd's bush to do the quiz! So his question was; who did Liverpool replace Kevin Keegan with? There was a bit of a wait as he ran down his 15 second count and just as I thought he'd give in he answered ''Kenny Dalglish''. I was stunned as I had asked him prior to posing the question whether he knew much about Liverpool FC? He had deliberated almost to the last second and finally there it was! Everyone was pleased for him and rightly so. Eighty pounds for a little trip across town ain't bad no is it? :-D

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