Prince Regent Tue, Jul 24 2018 20:00

Victory for Tear Down The Wall and an agonisingly close Jackpot Game

Andrew H

Tonight's quiz kicked off with a special cryptic film question celebrating manager Rob's birthday. There was a great turnout despite the hot weather, and 'Botany Bathers' took third place winning £8.80, with 'Rainham Steel' runners-up and recipients of a £10 bar tab while tonight's undisputed champions were 'Tear Down The Wall' who walked away with an incredible £35.20! Ross from the winning team was tonight's lucky player of the jackpot Play Your Cards Right game and had a jack for his penultimate card. Sensing victory he chose lower only to be cruelly denied at the last moment as the last card came up a queen. The good news is that jackpot rolls over to next week where there's £80 to be won plus all of the regular prizes!

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