Railway Tavern Bromley Wed, Aug 23 2017 20:00

New Prizes! New Regulars! Silly Old Microphone!

Matthew D

Tonight's quiz saw the arrival of several new prizes at the Railway! Not only are the first prize £50 bar voucher and bottle of wine for second still up for grabs, but there are now TWO new prizes- second to last receives Kraft Beer and best team name receives a dessert! And there were many new teams that returned this week which was fantastic see! However, despite the excitement, the microphone gave me a little run for its money but we all still had a hoot anyway. Sore Losers did AMAZINGLY, considering their record, and had the leading score after Round One- I was so proud of them! The new creative round went down a storm too and teams were folding and crafting their ultimate paper creatures to nab some extra points. The winners of that were the Bohemian Rhapsody themed, Quiz this real life? Quiz this just fantasy? who were also strong contenders for best team name but that ultimately went to Nice to bury you to bury you nice (RIP Brucie) who will claim their dessert another time. There was also a FOUR WAY tiebreaker for the wine which Pat Butcher took as well as a two way tiebreaker for Kraft Beer that the Phone Number took. Finally (lots to say!), the overall winners were Hello Kitty who seem to be new regulars at the Railway so hope to seem them back in the future. We got through the quiz together, ladies and gents. Thanks for playing!

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Hello Kitty
Wiener's Wonders
Pat Butcher ruined my hot tub
Nice to bury you to bury you nice
A Sock Of Fleagulls
Platform Alteration
75% of us can hear
Quiz this real life? Quiz this just fantasy?
Sore Losers
Alex Quizzard
0790410**** Call Me
Dryspell FC
Team by the Toilet