Railway Tavern Bromley Wed, May 31 2017 20:00

Shatner's Bassoon Roars Out a Mighty Victory

Matthew D

On a beautiful summer's evening.,many people still decided to come down to the Railway for a spot of good quizzing. Many teams returned for the quiz along with some new faces who were lovely to meet including Tea For Two who were a lovely little couple. We Thought it was Speed Dating were disappointed because of the lack of ringing bells and changing seats and on missing out on a tricky free drink question! Winning the quiz overall was Shatner's Bassoon who showed great prowess with their quiz knowledge but second place by a single point were the regulars A Sock Of Fleagulls who only had two members so much kudos has to go to them-along with the second place wine. Congratulations people for another great quiz!

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Shatner's Bassoon
A Sock Of Fleagulls
Tea for Two
Angelina's Angels
We Thought This Was Speed Dating
Please Not Last
Sore Loser