Railway Tavern Bromley Wed, Nov 14 2018 20:00

This Quiz Was Dino-Might!

Tom W

As a little treat for my teams this week I made a batch of salt dough. With the dough I wanted them to create the best dinosaurs they could. Extra points going to the best Cretaceous creations. Dinosaurs 🦖
We had Pterodactyls, Diplodocus, Triceratops and a classic do you think he saurus. 🦕
Thanks for all your fantastic entries this week, truly Dinotopia.
Tiebreak at the end of the quiz added to the tension of the night, with two teams on 42 points. It was "Clint Clint FC" that won out in the end, congratulations to the boys.
Unluckily for "Don Quizote", they missed out on the jackpot round falling at the first hurdle.
Hope you all had a great time this week, see you all next time, for more fun at The Railway Tavern!

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