Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 31 2018 20:00

A night of noisy nurses

Chris R

Welcome winners 'Aurora Borealis' were anything but boring tonight after securing a second win this year and taking home - or drinking on site - the 1st prize £25.00 bar tab. They just wrestled the win from first half leaders 'The Niners'*, whose numbers proved decisive in the end and they had to settle for second place. A tie break for the wine of shame between 'the Shaymen' (sic) and 'The Uninvited Guests' saw the booby prize (but much sought after) second to last place go to 'The Uninvited Guests'. Shout out goes to 'Fat Kids always win' at See-saw, who got the rollover jackpot tiebreaker, but once again, failed to secure the money, meaning next week's jackpot will be £132.50! It's starting to build-up nicely!
Thanks have to go to 'On Wednesday's we wear pink' a team of Pediatric Nurses on their 'Saturday night' out, who gave the evening a raucous air and kept everyone amused - thanks Nurses! Looking forward to more of the same as the quiz year rolls on!
*not their real names...

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