Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Nov 01 2017 20:00

A Sanitary Night's Quizzing....

Chris R

The cold weather has bought the quizzers out in force, with another packed night at The Railway in Clapham. A few regulars in the shape of 'Dave's Big Gusset' (reference to some famous south London graffiti) who had a slow start but upped their game in the second half. Universally challenged were also in attendance and made a good challenge, but only finished joint 3rd in the end with (best team name of the night) 'Kevin filled the Spacey in my arse'.
Big shout and a welcome to winners of the wine of shame 'Ctrl, Alt, Defeat', who came second to last, but were in the running for the Jackpot question at the end.
And winners of the jackpot this week were 'The Berkshire County Council Sanitation Department', who, despite coming 6th went home with the big prize of £87.00 which they proceeded to drink with gusto! So well done to them. But, winners of the quiz, the £25.00 jackpot and bragging rights for a week were Charlie's Angels, who lead from the start and proved a fearsome team on the night.
Wintry quizzing ahead with warming ales and questions to get your brain blood buzzing all to come!

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