Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jun 08 2016 20:00

A Steamy Night in Clapham

Chris R

The rain had passed, the thunder over and the streets were steaming in a post-storm haze. Not deterred by the weather the Railway regulars had booked all the tables, ordered beer and burgers and were entrenched for a rowdy night of quizzing. And what a night it was, a tough first round separated the top teams by only half a point, with the rest of the pack not far behind. Rats ate My Pants were here in full effect, though their missing teammate would have only hindered them with a 7-man-team had they turned up. But in the end it was still not enough to fight off the brave new challengers Wednesday is the New Sunday, who pipped them at the end by only half a point. Along as they don't start praying, they'll be a welcome addition to the Wednesday night regulars!
At the death only 1 point separated the top 5 teams, with girl's aussie rules team You're a Quizzard Harry! taking 5th place. The highly prized 2nd-to-last prize of a bottle of house went to the experienced, but out of their comfort zone Yippe Kay Aye Muthafukka!, so at least they went home happy.
A good night as ever, and with the fans on full and the windows open, a balmy, breezy night was had by all.

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Wednesday's the New Sunday
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