Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 24 2018 20:00

A windy Wednesday at the Wailway

Chris R

6 teams and 30 bodies filled the room this week as the growing jackpot continued to lure in the intrepid quizzers of Clapham. 'Bevan's a dumb Bih' were back to defend their crown, while 'Tim's Teamsters', 'Yippe Kayaye Muthafucka!' and 'You're a Quizzard Harry!' were all in attendance to block their path to the cash. Some newbies in the form of 'the Daphne Appreciation Society' had a better second half than their first and ended up in a tie-break with 'Taylor Made' for the wine of shame and second to last place. They won, with one of their team knowing the exact height of cricket stump bails - 71cm!
The crown and the £25.00 bar tab went to worthy winners 'Bevan's a dumb bi
h!' despite arguing themselves out of some points on several occasions, while newcomers 'You're a Quizzard Harry!' guessed closest to the number of words spoken by Arnie in Terminator (75) but were unlucky in their envelope selection. So, the jackpot continues to build and is now at £81.00 for next week!
Hope to see you all there.

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Bevan's dumb bi**h!
Tim's Team!
You're a quizzard Harry!
Yippe Kaiyay Mutha***a
Daphne Appreciation Society
Taylor Made