Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Feb 21 2018 20:00

An Ambush of Quizzers!

Chris R

Standing room only at the Railway this week as all tables were taken for a quiztravaganza! The Shaymen were back this week to reclaim their crown after a dip in form with RIP the Phoenix also in attendance to thwart their efforts. The rowdy team award definitely goes to the Edgeley Bradas a seven strong crew from Hobbiton (NZ) while an Ambush of Sluts and Quizzards Sleeve lowered the general tone for all concerned. It was a tough first half, with low scores all round at the break with Shaymen and RIP the Phoenix neck and neck on 17. The half time creative round - origami from all teams - saw some creative efforts and some not-so creative efforts, but the bonus point went to the Kiwis for their nest of cranes.
In the end the Shaymen's experience proved their worth and they won by a clear 4 points to take the 25 pound bar-tab. While the wine of shame went to the Michael Fallon Handbag Appreciation Society, who clearly put more thought into their team name than the quiz! The jackpot question was won by the Quizzards Sleeves, but they were unlucky in their envelope selection and the Jackpot survived to grow once more. Circa 180 pounds next week! Hope to see you all there!

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