Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Sep 27 2017 20:00

Biblical Quizzing!

Chris R

It would seem the weather drives quizzers indoors as last night saw record attendance and all tables booked! Some tricky questions stumped some teams, with a sneaky Geography question catching everybody out - only South Sudan begins with South!
The teams were in a raucous mood as the drink flowed and the rivalry began. First-half leaders 'Monty Don's Big Hands' were the team to chase, but their failure to crack the anagram gave 'Do Gingers deserve birthdays?' the chance to push them to a tie-break. Before that, we had the new rollover jackpot question, and despite 9 envelopes in the mix, 'Monty Don's Big Hands' chose the winner and took £46.50 from the pot. They weren't so lucky on the tie-break though, and 'Do Gingers...' took the first prize of a £25.00 jackpot.
Wine of shame for 2nd to last went to the couple at the bar, 'Aubergine', much to their delight.
A good night as ever and despite it's best efforts, the weather didn't dampen the mood. Quiz on!

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Top Teams
Do Gingers deserve birthdays?
Monty Don's big hands!
Johnny Walker's Peruvian Boat Shoes
Priced out of the pub quiz!