Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Aug 16 2017 20:00

Call The Cops There's Been A Massacre In Clapham!

Tyrone A

This reporter is still speechless. After hundreds of quizzes that I have overseen, It is rare to witness such a win, such a vast margin of victory, such a drubbing as was seen tonight. The team of Dyslexics Untied won by a whopping TEN POINTS leaving their nearest rivals behind in the dust. The champions were rightfully applauded by the other ten teams and none of them had any doubt on what had occurred. A brutal (but fun) beating. They all vowed to be back next week but will you???? Gather some friends and come on down to The Railway next Wednesday at 8 and see if you can do better.... The prizes are solid but the kudos is priceless. Lets see you there!

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