Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Dec 06 2017 20:00

Drink Apple juice let to a victory

Chris R

The weather and the season is taking it's toll but four hardy teams made it for this week's quiz, and for one team, they were certainly happy they did! Of the four teams who made it, regulars 'Rats Ate my Pants' and 'Drink apple juice, cos OJ will kill you!' were up against 'the ANZACs' and 'The Terracotta Army'. It was a tough quiz, with low scores all round, but after a close-fought second half, 'Drink apple juice, cos OJ will kill you!' (great team name btw!) took the first prize with 6 clear points (and a free drink!). There were also closest to guess the men's world record pole vault and chose one envelope from ten in the Jackpot tiebreaker. And the were luck! Claiming the jackpot prize of £85.00 between them, so they cleared up!
No quiz next week due to Festive bookings, so hope to see you all on 20 December!

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Drink apple juice, cos OJ will kill you!
The Terracotta Army
Rats Ate My Pants!