Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 10 2018 20:00

Free drinks in dry January?!

Chris R

A full-house at The Railway this week saw a return of 'Dyslexics Untied', back after a long absence and bringing their mates too! Shame it didn't help them win any prizes, despite nabbing 2nd and 3rd place between them. That was due to the presence of Anyone for a game of hide the sausage? who back to defend/reclaim their crown from last year. Rowdy team of the night award went to Jenna Kardashian, a team of 8 who made their presence felt throughout the night and also claimed a free drink in the process.
The wine of shame for second to last went to 'Donald Trump's Nuclear Arsenal', who only joined the quiz because they happened to be sitting upstairs, but were certainly glad they did by the end of the night. But kings (or queens) of the night went to 'Anyone for a game of hide the sausage?' who led from the off and won the £25.00 bar tab by 3 clear points.
The rollover jackpot question went to 'the Dylsexics', who guessed the population of the Isle of Man to within 5000, but failed to clinch the jackpot envelope. Meaning next week's rollover will be £42.50! And the beat goes on....

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