Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 03 2018 20:00

Happy New Quiz

Chris R

The first quiz of the new year got off to a good start with six teams in attendance and a rollover Jackpot of £21.50. It was a night of visitors and returners with long-time absentees 'The Curtain Raisers' back after a year away and 'Hobo Erotica' back after 3 months in the wilderness (South America). We also welcomed some visitors from across the pond in the form of 'Bi Curious George' (could have been Americans, or Canadians, I didn't like to ask..) as well as 'Fanjuice', 'Rats ate my Pants!' and 'Notably Stupid en masse'. Despite leading at half time, 'Notably Stupid' were hampered by their numbers and dropped two crucial points at the finish to slip to 2nd place behind worthy winners, 'The Curtain Raisers'. The wine of shame went to 'Rats ate my pants' in second to last and they also got closest to the Jackpot question, but were once again unlucky in their envelope selection.
A good turnout for the first quiz of the year, hope to see everyone again soon!

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The Curtain Raisers
Notably Stupid
Hobo Erotica
Rats Ate My Pants!