Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, May 09 2018 20:00

Is it a fish? Is it a lizard? No, it's a fun guy!

Chris R

Numbers were up for the return of the rollover jackpot this - £30 so far, but going up to £45 next week after Sun's out hon's out failed to get lucky.
The 'Shaymen' were in attendance once more to try for three wins on the bounce and 'Notably Stupid' were in force with a team of 8. Inform team tonight though were Tequila Mockingbird, 3 points clear at the half team and clear winners by 2 points at the finish. The Shaymen suffered from lack of numbers and only managed 5th this week, but they'll be back to their winning ways soon no doubt. Wine of shame this week went to Lost Voucher, please help, previous winners that, yes, had lost their winning voucher...
Looking forward to a busy summer at the Railway - see you all there!

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