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‘Is This Real Life? Or Is This Just Battersea?’ – the cry from last night’s winning quiz team

Charles C

Five months ago to the day, Britain finished an historic day. The votes were counted and we opted to cut ourselves loose from Europe. Last night was similarly historic at The Railway Tavern. Ed from ‘Ed is Old (Street)’ had a birthday; ‘Is This Real Life? Or Is This Just Battersea?’ stormed to victory; ‘Johnny No Chairs’ located some furniture; and, I had my first packet of Hula Hoops in five years.

There were points galore for yesterday’s full suite of questions. The 'Late Arrivals’ couldn’t stand idly by and just watch them being handed out. They chose to join the quiz eight questions in and, despite only being a pair finished in a very respectable 3rd. The other evening’s pair, ‘Panic’ walked away with the evening’s bottle of wine prize, with ‘Having A Mean Time’ and ‘Wandsworth Has The Cheapest Council Tax’ also putting in strong performances, not least in the London-themed team name competition.

Stumped by a couple of UK-centric questions (even British folk probably struggle to remember the band, Busted, and the duvet-warmth Tog rating is not something that slips into everyday parlance, even here in house-conscious London), ‘The Tipsy Texans’ then had a storming second half. No issues with questions on wood-turning or Pierce Brosnan though. ‘Ed is Old (Street)' finished the interval by subjecting their answersheet to the ice bucket challenge. It didn’t take long, though, before they were right back on it – only narrowly missing out on the top spot

Perhaps most significantly, last night saw the whirlwind return of ‘Johnny No Chairs’. The team’s strategist, Annabel, was keen to highlight the stellar all-round performance across subjects and despite heckling. “If I could change anything,” Annabel commented, “It would be having one more player. We had most things covered: from rivers to Roman literature; from golf to geraniums, but we could have done with someone who had an encyclopaedic knowledge of niche disco music from late 1977 to early 1979 – that seemed to be important this evening. We have already started the recruitment drive for such a person. It remains ongoing.”

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Is This Real Life? Or Is This Just Battersea?
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Wandsworth Has The Lowest Council Tax
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