Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Mar 08 2017 20:00

It's Quizical!

Chris R

A rowdy crowd filled the hallowed halls of quizadry at the Railway this week. With Dylsexics back and re-branded (I don't want your sass!) going up against And the winner is.., Optivo United and Yippey Kay-ay Muthafukka! all in the running, it looked to be a tough night.
Newbies Clickety-crap got off to a good start and eventually finished in second place after a storming second half. And the winner is struggled to match their recent performances, but defaulted to their earlier prowess to win the wine for second to last place. The re-branding must have helped as I don't want your sass came a close third, while the first prize went to Optivo United with a strong performance in both halfs to win with 44 points.

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Optivo United
I don't want your sass!
Trump University Alumni
Harry for [email protected]!