Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 25 2017 20:00

'It's the end of the world, as we know it, and I feel fine!'

Chris R

'It was the best of quiz, it was the worst of times..', there was a maniacal atmosphere to the Railway quiz as the dawn of the Trump-era finally permeated the minds of the Clapham faithful. This was reflected in the team names, as 'Refugees from Trump's America', 'Alternative Facts', 'Alternative Answers' and 'Trump eats wet poo!' (?!?) faced-off with 'Dyslexics Untied', 'And the winner is.' and 'Men behaving Jihadly'. But a good quiz is never to be kept down, and the collective numbing of our consciousness through alcohol and bravado as we steered the ship of civilization off the cliff of common sense ensured a good night was had by all. Despite leading at half time, the Dyslexic's trailed away to 4th place in the second half, to leave the way clear for 'Men behaving Jihadly' to claim the prize. 'And the winner is..' continued there inexorable climb to the top with a heady 3rd place this week, with 2nd claimed by 'Humanities last hope..'. The ever popular 2nd to last place prize was fought out with a tie-break between 'Refugees of Trump's America' and 'Trump eats wet poo'. The faecophiles were successful and celebrated by drinking the wine - there's no concept of 'a school night' in Clapham!

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Men behaving Jihadly.
Humanities last hope!
And the winner is,,,
Alternative facts!
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