Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Apr 26 2017 20:00

John Terry's Mum!

Chris R

It was standing room only at the Railway this week, with one team actually standing at the bar! Some huge turnouts by Rats at my Pants, Baghdaddy and We thought this was speed dating! Good to see our man in Iraq back whole and hearty - still lacking a decent tan though! Some late arrivals had to be stationed on the bar, but standing up must have been good for the blood flow as they claimed the (specially added for one-night-only) bottle of wine for second prize! Quiz in my eye were our international team this week ('we're Candadians! NOT Americans!) and they're efforts were rewarded by claiming 2nd-to-last prize by a half point and taking the usual bottle of wine. The bragging rights for the night though, went to Quiz on my face, and tell me that you love me! who won by a 5-point margin to claim the £25.00 bar tab, so well done to them - who will be able to stop them! Special shout goes to previous winners Happy Birthday to my Mum! who were back to spend their bar tab and for remembering it was my Mum's birthday! So thanks for that guys, as she's currently on a cruise in the south Pacific, I neglected to send a card....
Good night all round, raucous and rowdy as ever, looking forward to seeing everybody again for a rematch!

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