Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Mar 16 2016 20:00

Lord Quizzard

Chris R

Returning champions Billy's Bitches et al were here to spend their winnings and defend their crown against all-comers. And what challengers they had. No less than three separate 'theological groups' were in attendance tonight, providing a frisson of metaphysical competitiveness to the night. 'A Thorn & 4 Roses' made a valiant assault at the title, drawing in 1st place with 'Tommy's one-eyed snake' for a tie-break question, only to lose out in the finale. A shout must also go out to the 2nd to last winners of the bottle of wine 'Thanks Gary (?), now I can't afford any coke' who won after a second tie-break after both teams guessed the same (woefully incorrect) answer.
A good night was had by all and we look forward to the next night of quizzy banter!

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