Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Nov 08 2017 20:00

Old faces, new friends

Chris R

A crowded house saw some old teams back after an absence, with 'Sexminster' and 'We're having a riot in Bolivia' both returning to battle it out for top spot. We also welcomed some new faces with Quiz on my face! Moss and And then there was 1 supplying some glamour to the room. Welcome too to Firing Blanks who waltzed off with the second to last prize, the wine of shame! No jackpot winners this week, but the team that guessed closest, The lads are in a pantomime (oh no they're not!) took an envelope but missed out on the prize.
This week's winners proved that missing a few month's quizzing doesn't do any harm were 'We're having a riot in Bolivia' who took the £25.00 bar prize.
Good night all round with all the free drinks won and a rollover jackpot for next week of £22.00 plus.

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Top Teams
We're having a riot in Bolivia
Quiz on My fFace!
The Flying Twerks
The Lads are in a pantomime!
The Kevin Spacey between us..