Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 17 2018 20:00

Quiz All Over the Place

Chris R

A hectic night at the Railway, with standing room only once more. Some regulars some newbies and a team all the way from NZ (just for the quiz, they assured me) plus a visiting team from the recently closed-down Phoenix were in attendance to pit their wits and win some prize money - or just a drink if they could! Don't quiz in her hair! were back again to improve on last week's performance with Quiz on my face! a late arrival to take the last empty seat. University Challenge fans Erik Monkman provided some much needed class while visitors Shaymen brought the experience. And it showed as they led from the off to with a clear lead at half-time which they just kept up in the second half as 'Terry Tibb's Fan Club' and Don't quiz in her hair! gave them a run for their money. But they made off like bandits and claimed the £25.00 first prize and nearly got to choose an envelope but were 1cm away from guessing the Queen's height. That honour went to the 'Terry Tibb's Fan Club', but they were unlucky in their choose, and went home empty handed.
The wine of shame for 2nd to last went to '2 Amstels' and a 'Peroni' who were happy with their winnings.
As the jackpot wasn't won, the prize next week will be £63.50!!

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