Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jun 01 2016 20:00

Quiz in - Quiz Out? Shake it allllll about!

Chris R

Railway regulars were lining up tonight to challenge for the crown (and the wine!). Rats ate my pants made a strong showing, but too many numbers handicapped their challenge. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Quizzadry proved that the geek will inherit the Earth, showing exceptional knowledge across all topics to win by 5 clear points! Some strong challenges from Ivanhoe, Dr Knob and Notably Stupid in the first half looked to make it a close night. But some free drinks handicapped some challengers who tailed away towards the end. Must give a shout out to Manic (Mnemonic), with just 2 members, but still made the leaderboard and the night was complete with We Thought this was Speed Dating holding their own in the corner.
A raucous night as ever at the Railway, given a frisson of electricity by the stormy night. Hope to see everybody again next week!
Quiz on!

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