Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Sep 13 2017 20:00

Quiz Season is upon us!

Chris R

Hot and hectic at the Railway this week, with some massive teams of 8 and 9 making it a raucous evening as ever. Old hands Lucky No.Sleventeen were back after a stint away and Gloria's gone AWOL also saw some old faces welcome back. Trivia Newton John were bringing the cuteness (a puppy) while Rats ate my pants were in the house to fight for their crown.
But newbies on the block took all the prizes this week. Sofa so good went home with the much coveted wine for second to last, while Quiz Newton John snuck in at the end to claim the first prize bar tab. Trivia Newton John and Rats ate my pants were both a close second, with the former being hampered by big team numbers. Hope to see all again soon as the nights close in!

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