Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Sep 05 2018 20:00

Quiz Stars!

Chris R

It was a game of two halves tonight, with strong performances in the second half levelling the playing field. The result was a tie-break for first place between two teams who'd both won previously, 'Quiztol Temple Mead' and 'Les Quizerable', both equal on an impressive 39 points. The tie was won by 'Les Quizerable' though who took the £25 first prize, but also guessed closest on the rollover jackpot question. With only six envelopes to choose from the odds were in their favour - AND THEY CHOSE WELL! The £200 jackpot was won and they cleaned up! Well done gang, good job!
Previous jackpot winners, 'Lethal Quizzle' were also in attendance but were happy to go home with the wine of shame.
Well done to 'Alan' and 'Quiztol Temple Mead' for grabbing a free drink, and a big welcome to 2nd place 'Kabaddi Kids for a close fight. Always good to see Michael Fallon handbag appreciation society, who nearly snagged the wine, and welcome also to 'Clueless', their first time at the quiz.
The jackpot next week will be £50ish, and we're back to ten envelopes. See you all there!

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