Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jul 13 2016 20:00

Quizness as Usual!

Chris R

After the highs and lows of recent weeks, the trials and tribulations and the weeping and the wailing - and that's just the Euros! - we can return to the calm of the coolest quiz in Clapham. All the regulars were in attendence, with a refugee from Rats at my pants clinging to the hems of Voltaire Wanderers after being let down by her own team. Dyslexic's Untied were back and strong as ever, while Notably Stupid were seeking to counter their moniker and actually win something! Hogwarts's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were also in attendance to see if they could repeat their success and swan off with first prize.
But it was the race to the bottom that really set the tone of the night, with 3 teams at half-time all in equal last place on 11 points. But despite a close challenge from staff team Jimmy Saville Victim #23, the lucky recipients of the 2nd to last prize bottle of wine were,,,,,I'm not gay, but I'm in a 3-way polyamorous relationship with 2 blokes! So well done to them!
Good night as ever, with Hogwarts S of W&W taking first prize, just pipping Voltaire Wanderers, who missed out on the tie-break by having 7 players!

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