Railway Tavern Clapham Wed, Jan 18 2017 20:00

Railway Ramblings...

Chris R

The usual suspects were noticeable by their absence tonight, with no Rats ate my pants or Dyslexics Untied, it was open season for a new team to be crowned. Army of 1 returned as a plus 6 and dominated a raucous evening. Newcomers the Prosecco Princesses were a welcome addition to the mix, and came in a close second to the winners.
Regular tequila-takers, And the winner is.. have obviously evolved some quizzing skills as they moved up the ranks into the heady heights of 4th place! The much-coveted wine went to Expelliamus! who admitted they weren't Harry Potter fans, and proved it by failing to get the Potter related free drink question! Quizymodos made a welcome return with some fresh blood, who bolstered their occasionally woeful placing to a glorious 3rd! But the kings for the night, were Army of 1 plus 6, who despite losing a point for their extra player, still won by 4 clear points, so well done to them.
Every table booked, as ever, and extras drafted in, so looks like the Railway ruckus will continue into the new year!

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